Clients who use Systencess value us for different reasons

Ten outcomes that benefit Systencess users:

  1. With Systencess help we are now mapping business KPIs against all our marketing, this accountability has raised marketing’s profile within our senior management team
  2. We now easily see which channels and campaigns generated the largest number of purchases, which has transformed our request for budgets and subsequent planning
  3. I now have a clear picture of what’s working both online (email, Newsletters, ad banners, Facebook, Affiliates and Google search) and our more traditional offline activity (catalogues, direct mail letters and phone sales)
  4. We now have the capability to run reports showing ROI and average order value by channel type and at a granular campaign level, whenever we want, saving us hours and hours in collating data
  5. I now have ‘end to end’ reporting of all marketing activity, providing me with analysis for confident sales forecasting
  6. It has enabled our marketing strategy to be both more responsive and take a longer customer life-time view, simply because we now have the information to do so
  7. I can now better focus my efforts, so our minimal resources are spent on activity and campaigns that are generating revenue
  8. Systencess expertise helped me develop metrics for all our marketing activity, which speeds decision-making
  9. I now have reliable information to be truly accountable for the responsibility I am entrusted with i.e. manage our marketing
  10. Now I don’t need to wait for my agency reports, I know what’s going on, whenever I want, but better than that so does everyone else in my organisation

Do any of the above experiences sound familiar?

Now you can easily respond to 21st century multi-channel, RoI marketing.

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