Real time tracking of ROI across all your marketing channels

The marketing team is accountable for an organisation’s marketing, SIMPLE! The problem is you don’t always know the impact of your actions and decisions.

Systencess is a Finnish company specialising in marketing metrics. You probably haven’t heard of us, but we don’t think that matters.

What does matter is that with a bit of our help and some very clever tech, we can help you track and report on your offline & online multi-channel marketing right through to sales.

Your marketing decisions can be powered by actually knowing what is working now, and over time.

Measuring marketing effectiveness at every level can be a reality without a ‘big ticket implementation’.

Coupling this with the granular and big picture reporting you will be able to provide on marketing activity to the senior management team – whenever you or they need it – makes Systencess a compelling proposition.

Real time tracking of ROI across all your marketing channels.

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