Alongside the reporting software, Systencess provides a consulting service that enables a client to take advantage of the data analytics provided. The phases of this process are:

  • Strategic Needs Assessment – The first stage of an engagement is identifying what the client needs. We need to understand what the business’ requirements are, strategically and tactically; how you’re currently undertaking effectiveness measurement and report creation, and where you’d like to be. This enables us to understand your working practices, existing systems and the KPIs you measure which identifies the systems integration required to support it.
  • Key Performance Indicators – we work with you to identify measures that will monitor the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
  • Measurement Implementation – our cost-effective approach to data integration enables the mining of your systems to provide the metrics facts to populate the KPIs.
  • User Training – There are two elements of training required to support Systencess’ service – first training in using the analytics tool, and secondly wider training in how to integrate such tools into the client’s business.
  • Results – Real time information enables better and more rapid decision-making leading to increased agility, efficiency and flexibility, as well as reduced costs of administration, automating onerous and costly administration.

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