Systencess Jowe software integrates data from a variety of sources without requiring a systems integration approach. With training, it is simple to build queries that pull data from across these data sources in real-time through a web portal. You can have the system in-house, or if you prefer to have it as service you can use it from the cloud. We can create and amend reports as you need, or we can train your people to do that in-house. Our Jowe software integrates these data sets via a series of reports into a “dashboard view”, enabling:

    • Real-time visibility of campaign effectiveness available on demand to share with executive, sales, finance and supply chain colleagues campaigns, on demand
    • Automate data collation, amalgamation/aggregation and reporting within a couple of clicks, reducing cost and time delays


  • better planning and execution of marketing based on ROI, de-risk marketing investment

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