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Systencess helps Customer set up eCommerce site for insurances

eCommerce for insurances? Can you buy life insurance from web? Yes you can, our customer Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Kaleva (Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company) has had an eCommerce site for several years, During beginning of  2015 we helped them to set up a

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Systencess teams up with Futusome

Futusomes vast social media data is available through Systences solution. Futusome offers best social media data in Finland in Finnish. Futusome gathers, enriches and archives Finnish social media data in Finnish. Futusome archive consists over 100 million social media messages and

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Occam’s Razor

My last week article was about KPI selection. I found a really good article about the same thing by Avinash Kaushik, he’s article was titled as Occam’s Razor. The article itself is quite same as mine, structured a bit differently.

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Celebrate in boardroom with performance monitoring KPI’s!

Measuring cross channel digital marketing is basically fairly simple. You can produce loads of data form digital elements and draft a figures in excel. Getting a complete view about marketing and how well it contributes to sales is a bit

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