Likes, comments and content shares are at the heart of social media. People do like to share and comment content that they truly like. Each individual channel, Twitter, Facebook and so on have a tool for measuring share of voice in their own media. However getting overall picture how your content is shared in different social media channels, e.g. knowing what is the ‘share of voice’ in social media, altogether, can be tedious.

Getting your share of voice

For Finnish social media data, Futusome has an extensive archive of Finnish social media data spanning several years. This gives a unique opportunity to measure your share of voice on the topic of your choosing. For example if a link is shared in Finnish discussion forums, you can get where and when the link in question was shared using Futusome’s vast archive of social media data.

Here came an idea to see how links of different on-line stores are shared in Finnish social media. Shared links do have an uplift in traffic to the leading site. In this case only links that lead to mobile phone product pages were analyzed. So only online stores that sell mobile phones were included.  Using mobile phones is kind of obvious. There is a sufficient number of online stores that sell mobile phones. We could have used home appliances, but the number of online stores for those is quite limited at the moment. However this is possible, so if you are interested, please contact us or Futusome. Actually you can do this analysis using  any product / online shop combination.

Results and metrics used

The result was that and Gigantti dominate social media. Results are illustrated in the graph. The metric used was ‘Organic Social Media Share’ – SOSH. In this metric one direct link to mobile phone page in a online store is counted as one social share. Social share of voice (or SOSH) for each online store is the number of social shares to their content divided by total number of social shares.

The results were first published in Futusome’s web site in Finnish.

How to get your share of voice form social media using Futusome's social media archive. Based on analysis and Gigantti dominate Finnish social media.

Webstore KPI, Organic social shares