We do Software development, Software Architecture design and actual coding

In addition to our high analytical offering we do software development. Our services include the full range of services related to software development. From requirement specification to actual coding work. We can handle the project management for you if you so require.

We can handle the development of entire solution or some part of it. Our operation mode is very flexible. We can work as part of your team on site or as a member of distributed team. Our expertise cover:

  • Project Management: Full responsibility of entire software development project using agile metodology of your choosing from inception to handover. Waterfall is not our cup of tea. We can do a part of the project management too (feasibillity study, inception, implementation, deployment). 
  • Requirement management: Gather the requirement, get them specified and to releases/sprints. We can take a role as scrum master or product owner.
  • Implementation: World class implementations with world class professionals.
  • Testing automation: We don’t do testing ourselves. However if you would like to automate your testing we can help you to set up your automated unit and acceptance test environment.
  • Cloud: Amazon web services, azure. Choose your platform and we can develop a cloud enabled scalable solution to you.

We master Java, .Net and any SQL or NoSQL tehcnology.

I’ll try to post some of the client cases later to out pages, here are couple short mentions first. For Kärkkäinen we have made a custom item management portal. Items in SAP are managed in more user friendly and flexible manner than using SAP’s own UI.  Cone Advisor product cone made has mostly been made by us.

Each of our professional has almost 20 years of experience in softeware engineering. We have served very large global companies in projects spanning several continents and small companies with just few employees and high ambitions.

Do you have a problem that need solving? Software that doesn’t work as you would like to? Need a second opinion on technical matters? Contact us now!