Using social media data to optimize your SEO/SEM

SEO Optimization by hand is quite laborious manually. There are loads of tools for measuring how optimized your page is. For example I’m using Yoast World Press SEO plugin for my World Press platform. The really hard part is to come up with ‘non-obvious’ search terms. Spending time for getting these terms is worthwhile since the competition in those non-obvousl ‘long tail’ search words is not so fierce. Thus you can get them cheaper. Due the lack of competition your result swill be higher in the organic results too. So tweaking your content to mach a less contested search term can get good visibility.

Now, how to come up with a really good non contested search term from my field of expertise?

Social media data to rescue

People have a tendency to discuss all sorts of things in various platforms today. Wouldn’t be great if you could search these discussions and rank your search terms against this data. Also if you could see the context and get the words typically used in this context, it should be quite easy to come up with ‘non typical’ search term?

Futusome has made an example how to do this with very little effort using their vast social media data. The idea is to find words that exists in the same context as the term. You need to pick the ones having high density with the term in question. Since the words are in context of the term, individuals using the words are related to the original topic. Thus it is very likely that these individuals are searching information about words existing in this context.

Futusome made a sample case about search of long tail words using term ‘renting an office’. They combed through their data and listed words, which density was twice as high in context related posts that in random ones. With just a 30 minutes work they were able to list great number of good ‘long tail’ words that would have required several hours of laborious manual work. The example description is in Finnish on Futusome’s site.

Futusome concentrates to Finnish soocial media data and they can easily produce Finnish word candidates to practically any topic form their vast mass of data.

SEO Optimization using social media data, example

Futusome example for SEO optimization using social media data.