I got Systencess on the first page of google search with term ‘Big data’.

Our page was above Oracle and SAS results when making a search for ‘Big Data’. Just below IBM. First I thought that I’m pretty good with SEO. This moment of self gratulation lasted up to the point when I asked Ville to check this marvelous result himself. Naturally for him the result was not so good.

Why did I have different result than Ville? I didn’t realize that I was logged on to my google account. Since I’m in my company’s circles, google nicely served the results matching from Systencess Google+ page to me. I got so exited about this, that I missed the obvious point why it happened. I did feel fairly stupid after I understood what had happened, luckily I didn’t tweet or make a blog post right away.

I’ve noticed, on the sites I’m providing web analytics, that quite a big proportion of the organic keywords are (not defined). Google masks them if you are logged in to a google service like Gmail. So it seems that major part of visitors are logged in to google services all the time. Can you see where I’m getting to? Your messages in google+ will be high on the search results of your google+ followers that are logged in (which can be 80% of visitors to your web site)

Getting your messages on the top of the search result for your followers in google+ is a very good reason to take google+ seriously. There are other reasons too. According this Forrester report google+ is more effective marketing channel than Twitter.